Mahesh talks about rebirth.


I told Maheshji that people in the west don’t accept rebirth. They say that everything is finished after death. Mahesh says, no, no.

One thing is important, if you exclude rebirth, then you cannot achieve anything.

It is then irrelevant if you do good things in your life or bad things. If rebirth exists then you will be reborn in some other species. You can move up and you can move down. Mahesh says that neither the religion of the Moslems nor in the religion of the Christians accept rebirth. They avoid talking about this subject.

It is a mistake to exclude this. Mahesh says, they intentionally avoid talking about rebirth because they want to separate from Hinduism.

They talk about the day of the last judgement.

But they should think about it. If there is the day of last judgement then God himself will come and judge you?

But this statement contains rebirth.

Why is God coming? To whom is God coming? What kind of last judgement is this, when everything has been finished before? This presupposes that people are somehow waiting for this day. In which conditions are they living until that day? What happens to them during the judgement? This way of arguing presupposes that a human being is immortal, otherwise this conclusion is nonsense. When the immortality of a human being is proved, it means you have to live in some other species until this time. And after the last judgement, when you got the decision of court, you also have to live in another species. All this is logical; otherwise the idea of the last judgement is nonsense.

The last judgement presupposes that someone has to be condemned. Who has to be condemned, what species? All this means that there is rebirth.

Without rebirth this way of thinking is nonsense.

After the day of last judgement you go on living that means you are immortal. This means you have to become another species.

Who will be punished on the last day of judgement? What will happen on the day of judgement?

If you are to be reborn in the same species for example as an ant this means that there is rebirth. And if you are to be reborn in another species that also means that rebirth exists.

When you are dead and you are waiting for the day of judgement that means that you do exist somewhere in a grave or somewhere else. You have to exist somewhere. You have to accept that you are living in a grave, in which form? As of a ghost? You have to think about all this.

Now we will go one step further.

Your last thought is very important.

The last thought before you die is extremely important.The last thought which you think at the time of your death decides about the form in which you will be reborn.

When the whole country is thinking “I live in a grave for 2.000 or even 10.000 years”, is it good to live as a ghost for such a long time? You will be judged according to your deeds.

You will be judged according to your good and to your bad deeds.

It depends on your deeds what will happen to you. This say both the Moslems and Christian scholars.

I want to add something more.

Why has God given life to a human being? Why is someone a mosquito? Why is someone an elephant? Why does God differ between so many species? What does that mean? One is king and the other one is servant.

This is connected to good or bad. It makes no sense to say that there is no rebirth. One is intelligent and he will become an officer, the mind of the other one is weak and stupid, so he cannot do many things. He has to suffer his whole lifetime. That means that good and bad deeds have a meaning. Without the concept of rebirth all this makes no sense. All concepts of religion, all instructions which say you shall not do this but you shall do that, this is good, that is bad, all these things make no sense if one assumes that there is no rebirth. Otherwise you can do something bad if you want to. Nobody will stop you and it has no consequences. If you want to do something good you can do it. Then there is no concept of sin at all.

Why does Christ say on the cross: Lord forgive them they don’t know what they are doing?

This is what the Bible reports. Why? This means, they will be punished for what they have done. Punishment in what form? The last time for punishment will be when they are dying. Why does Jesus say he will pray for them that they will not be punishment? Why does Jesus say this?

Nobody is ready to think so far. This is incredible.

In the religions of the world there are so many intelligent people so many priests and so many Christian people are in your country. Why does Jesus say these words? When you die everything is at the end, everything is finished. To whom will God give punishment? In what form will God give punishment? This means that the prayer of Jesus is nonsense? Is Jesus lying on the cross?

If this is true, if this statement is right, then there is rebirth.

This is a real proof of rebirth. This is the statement of God himselfand nobody is willing to think up to these consequences.

How often did destruction strike us? These events are announced in the Bhagavad Purana. God gave this information to human race by Saints. This describes how creation works. You can see when destruction occurs in its time cycles. All this is written in this book. In this book nobody talks about rebirth because there is no doubt about it at all in India. Mahesh says, if you're talking about rebirth in India everybody knows what subject you are talking about and nobody will ask any question.

Here Maheshji is giving us a logic analysis of the situation.

This is the proof for the existence of rebirth of our culture.

In this text the answer to the question of rebirth is clearly given for all cultures. This explanation is not given in the Bhagavad Purana, because the Bhagavad Purana has not been written for the western culture. In India there is nobody who has any doubts about rebirth, because these are the words of God himself. God is the creator. When you tell your son I am your father and this is your mother then he will have no doubt about it. Your son will not ask. “Why are you my father?”

Jesus says, God forgive them. Whom shall He forgive? When death is the end of everything, what sense does it make? All who crucified him will die. 20 or 30 years later they will all be dead. Why is Jesus praying for them? How will God punish them? When they have lost their life that means that they will live further on. They will be reborn in another body. They will be reborn in another species, in another form. Their sin also will follow them in that new form. And this form is given by God himself. He will punish or forgive. Jesus knows they will be punished. He himself had enormous compassion. He knows what punishment they will get. He can clearly see this, therefore he is praying for them.

If there is no rebirth no life after death then this prayer of Jesus is nonsense.

Why and how this punishment will be given? Does this make sense when there is no rebirth? The Bhagavad Purana gives clarity in this point, because in India nobody ever questions rebirth. So the question of rebirth is not answered in the Bhagavad Purana. Nobody is thinking as far as this consequence.

Nobody is ready to think so consequently.

Nothing else except logical thinking about the texts is needed and everybody has known these texts since his childhood.

Here the question of rebirth is answered in the terminology of Christians and Moslems. This explanation is a very simple and no confusion is possible.

This knowledge comes directly from God. Everything that comes directly from God is a very simple and very clear and no confusion is allowed.

Maheshji says all principals of creation are very simple.