Love is the base of this creation.

01.12.2004 Kanpur

Maheshji`s words

Actually love is the base of this creation. Love always prevails, exists in your inner deep heart whose whoever whether animal, whether human being, whether stone which you think this is the hardest. Because God is full of love, pure love, in which no anger, no hatred, no jealousy only love, love, love prevails.

We belong to Him. So we have immense love but due to wrong thinking, wrong education and wrong surroundings we have lost that. By spiritual practices went this hatred, anger, fear, jealousy as much as diminishes.

When a spark of that love comes the person weeps, weeps, weeps with tears, I can’t speak. I know that.

Yes question please.

In short I have given this love in condensed form.

Nobody can cover love in words. No language is so competent. Who can express love of God?

I am giving one example: My hairs are standing.

There is a character that is the son of Vyasa who has given this total Bhagavad Purana. In which the total Bhagavad Purana has 1 Lack (100.000) couplets so he has the grandson of Arjuna, great warrior of his time, he was very close to death, only 7 days. So he has requested Him, before that I may be able to have real knowledge about Him, Divinity. Knowledge means pure knowledge, “Kyana”.

So in that book the total story covers Lord Krishna. And Lord Krishna story in that book 1 Lack couplets the name of Radha has not been given. Why?

Radha means love. If you will say once Radha he will go in trance for 6 months with that overflowing spontaneous love by taking name once.

So he has not printed through 1 Lack couplets the name of Radha. This is love.

Just imagine the pure heart of that great person.

So when this love comes he weeps. I know that.

In Ramayana, in Mahabarata in any picture of this cinema if that type of stars comes I weep.

I can’t. I, I, I can’t. I can’t set myself.

So as much as love increases this comes, this state comes.

Yes question please.

Yes I know effect, vibrations, I know.

When that spark will touch anybody he cannot express that joy, that moment that – it is truth.

My master has blessed me. I am cupping so that I should not disturb him. I am controlling my thoughts.

When first time I met my master and we both have seen each other immediately I started weeping. Weeping as girls used to weep. This way and about more than 1 hour I have taken to control that weep, go on weeping. I is truth.

I can’t express that ecstasy of that moment. I can’t, I can’t. I can’t.

Yes question please.

This is my subject. My heart is full of love from childhood.


She asks: Why can I not find love?

Maheshji says: I have spoken clearly about it.

Due to fear, due to hate, due to anger, due to wrong thinking this purity of heart is gone. Human heart is full of love. But due to this that love has been suppressed. By these spiritual practices these things diminish the love flows.

In this world you cannot develop love, rarely one can get love.

People love with personal benefits wasted interests you may say this is not love. Love means total love, not demand, no interest, nothing, nothing.

Very few persons get this love.

Who I love I can’t punish them. Who has pure love in his heart will always keep importance to his duties. He may harm himself but he will not harm to others. He may say but he can’t, because in the core of heart there is no enmity no anger. That is full of love.


You see, persons are crucifying Christ he was praying:

“Forgive them. Lord they are innocent.

Please forgive them.”

This is love. Because he has no hate, no anger, no enmity, no jealousy, just see.


If you want to see love and duty see the character of Lord Krishna (in the Bhagavad Gita).


Yes question.

This present time is so bad that even in the closest relation you cannot get that love.

Love is gone from this earth.

What you see is lust not love, not love.


Yes you ask any question?

Everybody is silent. Ask, ask.


She asks, because her father told to her sister that she hates her father.

She asks what can I do?

Maheshji says, you pray to divinity.

“Please give life, give peace.

Give right thinking to my father.

He is my father it is my duty to love him whether he hates me or not.”

Because he is not doing his duty, he is mistaking. But you should not commit this mistake. He is father, father will remain father. If you will not love him, if you will not forgive him, if you think my father is thinking in this way then you will hate to whom you love, just imagine.

If you will hate your father to whom you love whether father is good or bad no matter. Father is father because justice is with divinity. Justice is not in the hands of human beings. If he is wrong he is my father I will love him. Whatever I can do I will do. If I can’t do I can pray to divinity. You have to give nothing.

Prayer is the highest power which God has given to human being.

He listens if that prayer has been performed with faith, reverence and devotion means love without thinking whether divinity is listening or not.

You cannot speak so silent that God will not hear.

Before you speak he listens.


You can question I will explain.

So if he is telling that you will hate so if you hate, stop.

If you do not hate then you pray that he may think right whether he thinks right or not.

Your prayer will be attended, recorded for your last judgement, recorded speech.

I have loved my father. Two judges are sitting, evidence (in our group where 2 judges).

Father is wrong your advocate will tell. This is the prayer of his daughter.

You will get pleasure from Lord, yes.

Father is wrong very simple.

We have seen the power of prayer in several cases. Yes.


Yes next question.

Are you satisfied with the answer?

Yes you ask without any hesitation.

She asks shall I see my father, shall I go there?

Maheshji says: Yes you must when you go from here you must see your father. And you will see how your hate has been concerted into love within no moment.

Now you hate has gone I know and you will see when you will see your father. Chances are that you will weep. It is true.

My cloths even love me. Can you imagine this sock is more than 20 years. I love them.

When I cut any thread from a big peace so I pray to him. Can you imagine?

Than up to this time they where close to each other and now?

This is true, this is love.

You can say this is cloth but I am telling something else.

When love increases then you will feel each and every particle of this nature communicate, talks. It is truth. It is not sentimental speech it is truth.


When my Master moved birds and trees they used to talk to him.


My Grandmaster even utensils and stones they used to talk to him. It is truth.

That’s why people used to say Babel Baba.

Because in this universe God has manifested himself just imagine.

When God has manifested himself in this universe than each and every particle is God.

than nothing is dead.

This comes due to this wrong science: This is living, this is non-living.

Just see in the earth minerals are there. Those minerals come as a vegetable, as fruits and these minerals come into this body.

The same iron, ammonium, gold, silver, any chemist can talk to me, can challenge me, I am right or wrong.

So live moves.

If it is dead than how is this possible? Life accepts. This is very simple.

If dead how live will accept, life accepts life.

How you are telling this non-living, you are living.

You are living with this non-living. How it is possible?

Living with living this is living than life is accepting this and you are living.

Life gives life.

How non-living can give life?

Can you answer? I am asking you. You are psychologist can you tell me?

Am I right or wrong?

Yes, she says.

Then nothing is non-living.

Live prevails itself life, life, life.

You will see you will find, yes.

And when you will find you will communicate with that.

But for that require love, pure love.


(Maheshji takes a deep breath.)

Yes question please.