original voice

30.11.2003 Kanpur

A question concerning the Bible: 

Judas betrayed Jesus and she asks: It’s written in the Bible that this is probably the worst thing which an individual can do so that this human being will be separated from God eternally.

Mahesh says: 

That is completely wrong. Listen! 

God can only feel friendliness, love and forgiveness for you. He is your direct father. There is no distance between Him and you at all. 

If a man has two sons and one is a criminal one is good then father and mother worry much more about the criminal because they want him to become good. 

1. This thought that Judas was the cause that Jesus was crucified is absolutely wrong.

2. The second thought: Jesus sacrificed himself for the foundation of Christianity. He had prayed to God already: "Oh Lord forgives them because they don't know what they are doing." He even asked for forgiveness of them. How can they be punished? They are innocent. Innocent! 

Maheshji says: If that is written in the Bible it is wrong. 

There are two principles in the SAMHIKA philosophy and in the VEDANTA philosophy. One group is full of love to God the others hate God and they fight against each other. In the Indian mythology there are two fighters. The one who kills those people who love God, he is against God. If someone will pray to God he will kill him. You see. One is your friend one is your enemy. Whom do you remember more? Your enemy!

If you remember God, God is close to you. God has only love. 


All these people who fought against God at the crucifixion they all came into heaven. They got the highest state. This is the history.

In the Ramayana Mother Sita was kidnapped in Sri Lanka. After the war Lord Rama poured out a shiver of nectar over those who were killed on the other side and they got up. 

Those who were killed by Lord Rama himself didn't get up.  

Then someone asked: Why?

Then a wise man said: "Those who died they will stand up. Those who got nirvana that means who reached liberation they will never return.  

All who fought against God all who tried to kill god they reached liberation. 

And here Jesus prays for those who had crucified him: "Oh, Lord forgives them because they don't know what they are doing." They are innocent. They are no criminals.  

That was a test for Christ.  

In the case of Mahatma Gandhi, he was also against violence. When he was killed, he didn't say: "Kill him." He uttered the name of God again and again: "HE RAM. HE RAM". 

Nobody can say when God will test you.

It is possible that this was only an examination for him. It is possible that this was the order of Judas and that he was tested this way. It is also possible that Judas fulfilled a divine order. It is possible that he executed God's order. It may be that it was his examination. 

Saints are tested much stronger because they are designated for a very high task.

According to that the examination may be very difficult just as in human life. The examination of the low, middle and upper classes is different the level of difficulty increases.  

He had the highest condition before him his examination was accordingly. Forgiveness and non-violence and all these things were tested.