Maheshji talks about dreams

26. 05. 2002

Mahesh says dreams are important. Dreams are not absolutely false.

In dreams we fulfil our wishes that we cannot fulfil in real life.

Dreams can communicate the future and they also represent the present. By dreams one can also get satisfaction. We can get so many things in dreams which we don't achieve in real life. Then we enjoy things that happen in dream. This gives us both enjoyment and satisfaction. The result is that people are protected from depression. Dreams serve a purpose.

Dreams are not false they have an immense meaning in life.

Maheshji says that people who think that the dreams are not important are wrong.

There is nothing without sense, everything make sense.

Nothing is false in nature. Everything has a particular meaning.

Maheshji says this should also be given in the website because nobody knows about this. If we write down our dreams, we can understand many things about life. We can understand our thoughts and we get information about our own wishes. These wishes will then be fulfilled in our dreams. This will enable us to study all this quite simply. People don't know about this and therefore nobody takes care to analyse their dreams.

Dreams always have a reason.

In dreams we can meet people who passed away. We can see them face to face. In our dreams we can see the past as well the future. Therefore our dreams are not useless. Usually we have six to seven different dreams in one night. We only remember the last or the last two dreams.

One thing is important, only a yogi knows when dreaming that it is a dream.

We think that our dreams are reality. The yogi knows that it is a dream. He looks at the dream but he is not involved in it. He knows it is a dream. He has the same awareness in his waking state. He also knows that this state is not reality; he knows it’s a dream. He can distinguish between his own happiness, his true identity and wrong pictures. He is attached to nothing so he is able to see things as they are. This means that ignorance has no chance to influence him. It has no chance to disturb his blessings.

He is always happy. He understands what is wrong and he knows the truth.

Just like someone who is standing on a big stone which is surrounded by water floods. He knows that this rock won't move. The movements in life are like a flood.

A yogi cannot be disturbed by things that surround him,he is totally faithful.

1. He has no fear.

2. He has no ignorance.

3. He has no big wishes.

4. He is not involved in lust.

5. He is not greedy.

6. He is attached to nothing.

All these things disturb your faith.

He remains in his true nature and he is completely happy. You should always feel as if you were standing on a huge rock surrounded by rushing waters and nothing can cause any harm. No forces in creation can disturb his inner silence and his peace.

Death and destruction can only destroy the cover, the body, never the soul.

And this cover is wrong anyway, this is not reality. In order to understand this you should have an inner dialogue, which means you talk to yourself to clarify the situation. You have to clarify your fear. Therefore the practice of meditation is important or any other spiritual practice.

Mahesh says we should always have in mind what is truth and what is turbulence.

We always should keep apart what is truth and what is turbulence.

Turbulence can never destroy the truth.

Turbulence is momentary and truth is always the same. Turbulence is only a dream.

The dreamer is the truth.

Dreams can never destroy the dreamer.

You should think this over and over again and you should feel it.