The difference of God and human being  


Mahesh says, if I ask, "Divine Mother" tells me the exact answer.   

On the last Saturday, one of my students asked me: Sir, why do they not ask your master a few questions?  

I said: my master is so great. I don't have the strength to ask him direct questions, just as you ask me. But whenever there is any question, which hounds within my heart strongly, so the master comes and immediately gives answer. Yes, that is true.  

Whenever any question is puzzling me, so in a minimum time the master answers. Therefore there is a lot of difference in my teaching and in the teaching of the other disciples of the master.   

They never ask questions in silence. I ask questions in silence. Silence means in the core of heart. That is the only place, where silence is. Silence is neither in the mind, neither in the unconscious, neither in the conscious mind.  

When I was asked about the silence in the mind, I gave the answer: You cannot imagine the turmoil in the mind of the people, not at all. How many lives you have already passed until you reach this life, millions of lives. All this is stored in your unconscious.  

An example: I informed you about a thought and suddenly some person gets some past memory of his childhood. If he studies this seriously and the thought comes: Why you have not thought about this before. How does the thought come?  

This shows that your memory reveals something. Something is moving. Your memory studies in your brain. This means that your memory makes turmoil, disturbance and noise. A thought is noise. You cannot imagine at all how the master teaches.  

You can not get these words in any psychology book or in any book. For the first time, you asked, and I have explained the turmoil of the mind. 

And you require total peaces. How can you get peace?  

There is a Yoga Nidra technique. If you come, I will speak upon this. People used to destroy most of their precious time with it. That is not meditation.   

Yoga Nidra is not so good according to my thought. Yoga Nidra is like dream, this is controlled dream. That is controlled power. The mind is under your control. If you want to see something, the mind gives you the picture of that. But why?  Why?

You have to overcome all these things. You have to go beyond all this. You even have to go behind time and causation. You must overcome your personal ego, as is described in "Enlightenment without God" of Swami Rama. You have to cross your ego, your self I. Your "I" has to merge into the super "I".   

So many Yogteachers are befooling their students. Most of the students spend their time with the perfection of Yoga Nidra and similar things. Why? There are very elaborate instructions for Yoga Nidra. And the people do this, why? All this is nonsense. This is like a picture, as you see pictures, for what.   

In the meditation, you have to cross all this.   

In Samadhi, total silence is there.   

God lives within you, and God is in total bliss.   

In the 10th chapter of the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says where God lives: “I live in each and every heart of creation.”   

That means: He is the nucleus. He is the pin point. He is the ultimate cause of life.   

Our consciousness should reach there. Our goal is not to see Yoga Nidra.   

Our goal is to reach there. Only then, we are able to see the total reality, to feel the total reality and we will become total reality.   

If you don't have any desires, this is called: God is there. You means: God and desires. If no desires are there, this is called, you Atman.   

God has given this description in the Bhagavad Gita. When your Atman comes before Him, in that moment, all your desires are finished and all your sins are burned directly. Then all the wishes are vanished. And when your sins and wishes are no more, then there is only He. He means divinity. Because He has a form. That false ego creates the picture of you. But your real picture is Atman, your real self.   

That personal I separates you from your real being.  

You are the cause of your suffering, not God. You are going towards the wrong path, towards the wrong direction and that direction has no end.   

The journey, on which a non spiritual being is moving, is endless, because he has chosen the wrong object of life.    

The human being must realize this. He should think seriously, is it the right path or is it wrong. Is there any end or not.  

If there is no end, it means, that is wrong.  

At each and every destination you can descend. There is a principle to inquire, to verify the destination, to check it and to define it. If the destination has no end, this means: That is wrong. The destination must have an end. If not, it means there is something wrong. One has to think seriously.  

In my country, the great masters have given this definition. And they have given this message to all, by the masters and by God himself, regarding the real path of life of human being. That means, to move towards thyself, towards yourself, which is the cause of life. You have to move towards that, where you will find end, end; also peace, bliss and truth. There you will reach endless bliss and you will become immortal. 

You can give all in the web site, also with my voice. It is very nice. That is a very short and very important answer, the difference of God and human being.