Maheshji talks about destiny

A lady asks Mahesh about her brother, who is four years younger. Her brother is 40 years old and he got lost seven years ago. She knows he is somewhere. She wants to know how he is doing.

Mahesh says your brother has problems. There is nothing to worry about. He has to fight a special fight. Your brother has problems, but there is no reason to worry about him.

Maheshji says that she should have faith that he will soon feel good very.

God is watching him.

The situation will be arranged according to his destiny.

Destiny protects everybody.

Destiny is an umbrella.

Destiny is not bad. It protects you. It is like an umbrella. Maheshji says for your information:

Faith is a bigger umbrella than destiny.

Faith is a very important means to get something. It is a spiritual sign.

If you have no faith, you cannot make any spiritual progress.

Without faith you cannot reach your spiritual aim.

You should understand this, you should have faith.

Faith is a much bigger protection.

Your destiny allows you to walk under an umbrella in the rain. Normally we do not understand this. An umbrella is able to protect you from heat and rain.

You have to understand your destiny as a form of protection.

Everybody is protected by his destiny, every human being and all animals. I say to Maheshji that we in the West do not know that faith means protection. Mahesh says, yes, it is an umbrella. It is a blessing and it is a gift of God himself. Mahesh says:

Your destiny is perfect.

In the western world the function of destiny is not known at all. This is also the reason why people are afraid of it. Mahesh says:

God has given this umbrella to everybody.

Destiny is protecting everyone. Destiny is working until death. Destiny is finished with death. With death everything is fulfilled. This protection is there until you die.

If you know about this divine protection you will have no fear no matter what happens.

You have to have faith. This is very important because fear destroys all your power. You are unable to do your spiritual exercises without any disturbance. You can also do your spiritual exercises while doing your daily work.