Mahesh talks about confession

1.  In Christianity people confess their sins and they believe that they are forgiven.

2.  Another form is that they confess their sins and get a penance for it. If they regret their sins they really are forgiven.

In the first case nothing at all is forgiven.

By the feeling of remorse, by the effort that they take on their sins are really forgiven. That is not at all the case with pure confession.

One will not think to do this again. And that is a correct healing. You donate some money and you pray according to your capacity. The feeling of remorse creates heat.

The heat of remorse cleans and it cleans that person from blame. In this way the karma, the sins are burned.

Mahesh says remorse is very important. Confession alone is incomplete.

This way you learn to understand divine strengths. You will understand that strength is working there. There is a power behind it which can support us.