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Mahesh says: The habit to eat in hotels, restaurants and snack bars, to eat this prepared food is completely wrong for Yog students and for everyone.

This food creates many mental and physical problems.  

A Yog student needs peace, concentration and good thoughts. This is important because the food that is prepared develops the thoughts of the person who has prepared it.

This thought should clearly be passed on to your countrymen. They cannot understand the function and the possibility of the thoughts.

What is the relationship between the thought and food? First you must know this. Now-a-days in India too, only few people know this. Due to the influence of the west the entire young generation does not know it.

They should at least know some basics about how thoughts work, how the thoughts process takes place, how thoughts create turbulences. How thoughts penetrate into the food that you eat.

People must know the philosophy that is behind it. Then they should know how to prepare food. Women should know how to prepare food and also in which mood they should be while they are cooking.

Therefore in my country the meal is prepared for God, not for the man, the daughter, the son or for the grandfather. The thoughts should be full of sympathy and compassion because they are preparing that food for God, for the Mother of the Creation, for the Highest God. Therefore the meal at first should be given to God. After that you should distribute it to the others. So you should do this as I explained above.  

If you know the power of this very fine philosophy about food and the life that is gives to you, you should have the pious obligation and you should give respect to divinity before eating.

You should give respect to God before you eat.  

Even Christ declared this.

But this is not usual because people don't know about this fine philosophy. If we belong to the Creator of the Universe we have to follow the way of the old Saints of India. They didn't reveal their knowledge to this country alone; they informed the whole world about it. The Saints move and act beyond all these borders and barriers.

Swami Rama always used to speak about Upanishads. The Upanishads are the outcome of the Vedas. Altogether there are 108 Upanishads. They deal with the entire depth of the Yog philosophy. Our existence is explained in these Upanishads. But to understand the Upanishads we have to be prepared.

If we observe these little things our mind, the body and our heart become pure. If the whole system is cleaned, the human being is able to pick up that deep life philosophy and to understand it.

That is a very simple thing. It depends on what you eat because the power of "MAN" and the mind run together. 

We have this knowledge also in our language:

"You are what you eat."

Maheshji says: This thought must be passed on by the Yog teaches who teach in our organization.

You may remember that Swami Rama himself prepared the meal several times for his students in America, in Germany and also in Nepal. And one day he cooked for me. This way he used to enlarge vision and to pass on his great thoughts. Nobody is able to understand these things.

Everyone can see the difference in thinking in India and in the West.

I don't praise myself but I tell you how my master was teaching.