Regular stomach cleaning is very important for our health.

Nowadays most of our nutrition is full of preservatives and they are the cause for so many diseases.

Our digestion is weakened by anger, depression, hate and conflicts.

A lot of health problems are created only this way: The range is from back pain, eye problems to allergies.

Regular stomach cleaning is very important for good health.

By regular stomach cleaning you can avoid 80% of all diseases.

The good results in our health care program are only possible due to regular stomach cleaning.


You can combine the following 4 proposals of stomach cleaning:

1.      Eat 2 - 4 oranges with empty stomach. (Eat the fruit, but do not make juice.) You can also eat 2 tomatoes. After that you should eat nothing for one hour.

2.      Every second evening you should have 1 teaspoon caster oil in half a glass of milk. This way you can avoid that the preservatives in our nutrition are absorbed by your body. Caster oil in milk is a totally natural means in ayurvedic medicine and it has no side effects.

3.      A better way of stomach cleaning is if you eat in addition to that 50 gr cabbage. You should aid some drops fresh pressed lemon juice. You also can do this any time of the day.

4.      Another very effective cleaning method for your large intestine is ginger tea: Boil 2 cups of water down to 1 cup. While cooking stir 1 teaspoon ginger powder and add a bit white sugar. Let it cool down and before drinking add 6 drops of lemon. If you want you can have this twice the day. Avoid ginger during constipation.