02.12.2004 Kanpur

original voice


Maheshji says: You shall not sleep after meal, because excess bile has been secreted.

You see sleep after lunch and sleep after dinner both are wrong. That requires at least 3 ½ or minimum 3 hours.

  1. Neither sleep,
  2. neither sex,
  3. neither deep study,

because digestion requires maximum blood. If you do serious study blood will be supplied to brain, if sex the blood will be supplied to sex organs.

Most of the couples suffer with this problem, stomach problems. Nobody knows in this country.

If young person 3 ½ if old person 6 hours (means over 40) because digestion is most important thing for live.

This creates indigestion. Indigestion creates so many problems. Because when digestion is not proper the total supply will be disturbed, because the chemistry of that is not right, not proper. So the total system will suffer and this way the body resistance will become slowly weak.


The effect of that will be different, not same in all persons. Different and also time, some person within month, some person within 6 months and some person may get affected after 1 year, some person within a week, because the resistance of the body is different. But that effect will come. It may take time less or more it is different.

The effect may be different:

Lose motion, sliver, severe constipation, heart problem, gastric problem, mental problem.

You will wonder about 60 % heart cases are not actual heart cases, they are gastric cases.

And doctors tell this is heart case. Nobody knows this.


I have thought about this. Why it is so.

There is the small intestine then large intestine, then ascending colon, then transverse colon, descending colon and sigmoid colon.

This sigmoid colon comes under heart. If sigmoid colon is clean I think 60 % heart cases are finished. But nature is like this, you only have to know.


There is one point here that is called Bauhin`s port that port creates wind, gases, so that this stool may go up that helps. Sometimes when stool is too much the gases are very painful, stool is not moving and the work of that part is going on. You can see that swelling every time swelling moving, swelling moving. That is very painful.

34 years back I have studied it and today I am explaining. This sigmoid colon is very important.


The question is:

What can I do when I cannot take lunch in time?

For that if you are unable to take lunch in time, if stomach will be empty this is wrong. This may create excess gases that will create acidity and by the time there is a chance of injury in the intestine due to excess acid and gala. So for that she should take, because she has no time

  1. dry grapes,
  2. sometime honey.
  3. Water with lemon.

Because lemon is alkaline so it will control acid and gives energy. You will get energy and gala will be controlled.

Honey and dry grapes will give instant energy. No chance of gases or gala problem.

When you are a long time hungry there is much gala and much skin problem due to heat in the body that’s heat.

Have you also to observe this when you have fruit?

Maheshji says: No fruits are not full meal. Fruits have vitamins. They don’t require this type of digestion. When you are taking fruit, is the only thing after taking fruits one should not take water, neither in food, neither in fruits. And after lunch or dinner one should not take fruit immediately. Because digestion when you take food lunch or dinner so in stomach there are very strong acids and gala secrets to make chemistry, if you will take fruits then you will not get any benefit. Next that chemistry will be destroyed. After 3 hours you can have fruit.

People used to take they have taken, they have eaten fruits. Vegetables, fruits are there, foolish.

80 % persons do not know how to eat, when eat, what they should eat. When they should eat, what they should not eat.

What they like, they are eating. They are giving importance to taste. Sometimes, no matter but not every day.

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