The whole system needs one fast the week.

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There are simple cleaning methods which are necessary for good health.

Maheshji says concerning the treatment of a young woman:

Her digestion is weak for what reason ever and therefore she suffers repeatedly from tonsillitis and infections of this kind.

Depression is also connected with that.

If the large intestine is not clean it also has an effect on the mind.

These are the things that doctors do not understand. They immediately start with medicaments but for that there should be a reason.


Therefore the ayurvedic medicine has 5 cleaning methods and in Yog there are 6 ways of cleaning. By these methods the patient should be cleaned.

The whole system needs one fast the week.

(The day you fast you should not eat sault. You can eat potatoes, sweet fruit and joghurt. If you feel weak you can have chapaties once the day.)


During fasting the body liquids clearly increase and these body liquids kill the bacteria’s of the diseases.


But in allopathic medicine these methods are unknown.

For example you can stop influenza when you drink freshly boiled water. This way the fire in the body increases and more acid will develop. This acid will kill the bacteria of the diseases. It is based on this theory. This way you can control the diseases.


Medicine will also be given but medicine and cleaning methods work together.

Whatever is the background of a disease the bacteria’s are killed by the body juices themselves.

In short: This is the background. 


In the West you will give antibiotics. But the body itself produces antibiotics in its juices. It works this way and this therapy has no side effects.


The therapy with antibiotics is a killing method this is a natural method to remove germs.

Antibiotics kill bacteria in an unnatural way.

So many things require a right combination of ayurvedic medicine which you have to learn.

In the cases they were used the results were much better.