Prayer against the world - wide destruction

05. 07.2002

Mahesh asks all to pray every day at a fixed time.

Our suggestion is 5.30 in the morning and 22.30 in the evening.

Mahesh says that the young generation in Germany is in very bad condition. The reason is the parents didn't fulfil their tasks correctly. Mahesh says that the Indian way of living should also be practiced in Germany. This means: Simple life and noble thinking. This is how people live in India in the country side today and they are happy.

Working means to serve God. You work in order to worship God.

Life should be spiritual and not materialistic that is necessary. Mahesh says that most Germans base their life and their fate on material things. There is only ten to twenty percent of our fate that we can arrange freely. This percentage that we have at our free disposal should be used so that we develop spiritually. This part should be used for spiritual development. We have all we need and more is not necessary. We also have the protection of our fate. In order to reach this we should use that part of our fate which we have at our free disposal. We get there by spiritual thinking, by thinking positive, by reading good literature and by surrounding ourselves with good people. This means that the Indian way of living is necessary. They have been living like this for thousands of years. Otherwise the day will come when the whole country will sink into chaos and depression. Mahesh says that that is the truth.

You have to protect your country from coming conflicts and coming depression and you must protect it from drugs and alcohol.

Spiritual thinking is necessary to achieve this.

People must give up their materialistic goals.

The materialistic treasures can only give you momentary enjoyment on a very low level. If there is a lot of money it will lead to complications.

Spirituality leads never, never, never to depression, to complications or to agony.

The poor, the middle class and the rich people should internalize this thinking. The entire materialistic world has to accept this. Mahesh says this should be published on the website so that everyone can think seriously about it. The value of the materialistic things is extremely low. Materialistic success is not worth the money.

Each individual needs mental peace. As long as inner peace is not there, there is no true joy.

The human body needs this in order to develop. People look for their blessings in sex, inalcohol, by travelling around, by building themselves big houses. But that is wrong. In India, there is nothing similar compared to Germany and America. There is nothing in comparison to the rich countries.

In India people are simply happy.

They don't have a house but they are happy. They don't have a wife they have nothing but they are happy. They don't have any money but they are happy. Nothing is missing.

This materialistic world deceives the entire world.

If the rich countries consider themselves as civilised it means they really have no civilization. This way they go straight to destruction, to physical destruction and to destruction of their minds. They destroy peace, their own personal peace and peace of the world.

As long as you cannot develop personal peace it is not possible to achieve world peace. That is a system which regulates itself.

You will harvest what you sew.

Therefore it is necessary to achieve personal peace. You can only get personal peace if you continue to develop spiritually.

Personal peace can never be gained without spiritual efforts!

That is necessary. You have to develop beyond materialistic thinking; otherwise you can get neither personal nor world peace. People must recognize the limits of material things.

Everyone should seriously reflect if wealth in the world can bring enjoyment and peace.

And everyone should try to find out what people need.

Everybody needs grace even if he is not aware of it.

But he is busy with sex, with travelling and with fine clothes. He is busy building big houses and he cares about things which don't lead to his aim. All this is nothing. These things can only give temporary gratification. That is not to do with true joy. After that it’s over. What kind of joy is this? Mahesh says now we reached that the point where this matter is finished. The world has seen the result of abundance and wealth.

The result of wealth is chaos.

If the human race wants this wonderful creation to go on existing for a long time they have to follow the spiritual way,they have to understand the power of spiritual thinking.

Therefore I say that your country should turn to the Indian way of thinking. They should grasp this seriously. Alternatively the entire earth will be destroyed. Mahesh says:

The destruction is very near.

Maheshji repeats, the destruction is very near. People will be full of fear. By good thinking one can change the fate of the earth, only by prayer and by peaceful thinking. Mahesh gives the example of when the typhoon came over Gujarat. The whole country prayed, a few weeks before they had been shocked by a heavy earthquake with 100.000 dead people. The typhoon was averted by power of the prayer. It simply dissolved. That is the power of prayer.

Mahesh says:Everyone should pray to God. Whether he believes in God or he doesn’t. He can pray. Everyone can pray.

Andeveryone can pray to the creator or whoever is highest being for him.

The following prayer should be sai

"Give us peace.

Forgive us.

 If I made a mistake,

Show me the right way.

 Lead us.”

Everyone should recite this prayer. The prayer should be published on the website. Mahesh says:

This prayer can change the fate of the planet.

Mahesh says that this way the whole country can unite in prayer. It will be most effective if this prayer can be spoken at the same time. The whole country should say this prayer every day for the few minutes. Mahesh orders that this must be broadcasted on radio as well as on television.

The world is developing towards heavy destruction.

Mahesh says: This is the truth. 

There is still time for prayer; we can still do something for world peace. Prayer has an unbelievable power. With prayer you can achieve anything.

Therefore prayer is given highest priority in all the religions of the world.

God has the right to act also against his own principles.

When Jesus was crucified, he forgave the criminal who was crucified with him all his offences. Here Jesus stopped the law of cause and effect because the criminal had prayed to him for forgiveness. Sometimes things happen in lives which have been forgiven, although this seemed impossible.

Everyone is a child of God, there is no exception.

God has an unbelievable love for us, he is completely pure.

We are full of greed, full of personal wishes. We are full of fear, full of ignorance. We have so many faults.

We cannot really imagine the love of God, because we simply cannot think so far.

Our thinking, our feeling is concentrated on the material world. We have concentrated ourselves on the mortal things.

Mahesh says we are in an extremely critical phase.

We should direct our view from mortal things to immortal things, from ignorance to pure knowledge, from impure to pure, from love to pure love, from crime to confession so that God may forgive us.

The divine light should shine in every human being on earth.

This light is necessary.

The light of our present civilization is no light. This light is dark, complete darkness. Our civilization is moving in total darkness. This development leads directly to mortality and to death.

The time has come where the whole world must understand why we are born as human beings. You have to realize the task of human beings.

Everyone has to understand the power of his own immortality!

People have to understand this.

They have to understand the power of unity, the power of peace and the power of God's grace.

We can reach all this if we understand God's love for us,if we understand God's love which is very near to us. The vibrations caused by a father's love and the vibrations caused by mother's love are always near to their children. Maheshji says:

Distance doesn't have any meaning at all. How can we feel separated from divine love?

Mahesh says the time has come that we realize God’s pure love and its meaning for us. This is why prayer is necessary.

Here we are not talking about mechanical prayer. Prayer from the fullness of our hearts is necessary. Maheshji says it is not necessary that people go to temples or churches.

They can pray where they are. They only need to speak the prayer quietly to God. It is important that we all pray at the same time.

We decided to pray together all at 5.30 in the morning and at 10.30 in the evening. Mahesh says that not only the whole country should pray but the whole world. After a while people all over the world should be included into this prayer. Mahesh says:

It is divine order that all good people, all who have good will, shall follow this prayer.

This is a direct conversation with God and it is necessary right now.

People should feel directly in God's hands. Direct dedication to God is necessary. The prayer should be a demand to God.

The prayer should be a demand to God so that it is heard immediately.

We have to turn to God with all our hearts and wishes:

"Show me the way, enlighten my view!”

Mahesh repeats show me the way and enlighten my ability to see. And save us from these endless materialistic ways which never end and do not lead to peace. They only lead to agony and misery, to depression and conflicts, to crime and cruelty.

The end of the civilized nations can be averted by this simple prayer.

The history of the Old Testament is full of prayers which directly led to complete success in an extremely difficult situation. Time has come again when the big countries must understand their responsibility for their own wealth with respect to the poor countries. If they don't understand this and continue to sell unqualified industrial products to them, this is a criminal act. Mahesh says: This is the act of a criminal society. That is not civilized behaviour. They consider themselves as civilised countries.

Is that civilization? That is corrupt.

They produce these bad industrial products for money. What is the contrast to criminals? Can they answer this question? Do they want to be compared with ordinary criminals?

It is high time that people understand this.

Mahesh underlines, politicians will never understand this. Time has come where everybody have to understand this. They must comprehend their duty.

People must clean their consciousness and increase their vigilance. That is necessary. World peace can only be achieved this way.

The masses must turn away from their politicians. Mahesh underlines again that this is of highest importance. The countries must consider how important it is that their people should turn to God in the present situation.

Much more vigilance is necessary. In this way the world will come to peace and we will achieve world peace. This will happen with the blessings of the whole world.

Loyalty is necessary with respect to everybody. This leads to loyalty in love and not to greed for money and material things.

Loyalty in love leads to world peace.

It is not primarily a case of money and material things. That is the true definition of loyalty in the present time. Mahesh says that everyone should ask their questions about this subject. (

Maheshji expresses his thanks.

Mahesh asks Divine Mother for Her blessings for us all.