Y O G is a millennia-old science which deals with the health of the human being in body and spirit.

Body exercises are used to improve the entire posture so that the energy can flow again in natural way.

The joints and glands exercises, a series of simple, agreeable stretch exercises, reinforce the blood circulation, make the body ready for the flow of universal life energy, and prepare the practitioner for the Hatha Yoga exercises (Asanas). They serve the cleaning of the body. Joints and glands are activated, the muscles become softer and more flexible. These practices are especially commendable for those who suffer from arthritis, rheumatism or stiffness.

The Asanas, body exercises held for a longer period, correct and remove stance errors, serve the prevention and cure of many diseases like backaches, heart and cycle trouble, colds, headaches as well as concentration disturbances and disturbed balance.

Relaxation practices solve physical and mental strains. They correct the blood pressure and produce an inner vigilance. They can remove also headaches.

The respiration plays an important role with all practices. It has a healing effect on all inner and outer troubles. The different breathing techniques connect body and mind. With the diaphragm respiration, a basic respiration in Yog, stress can fade and the heart is unburdened.

Finally, it has an influence on the mind and thoughts, and it influences the feelings and memories. In this way it comes through the respiration to build a positive attitude in life.

All practices in Yog work on body and mind likewise so that body and mind form a unit and the human potential can be fully developed. This way, harmony and zest for life are produced again.

Without doing anything else, one comes to oneself in the silence of meditation, to the very centre of oneself and one recognises one’s own uniqueness and strength as part of a strength which stands behind everything which happens.