We are Yoga - teachers and follow the Yoga - path of

Patanjali, who wrote down the Yoga-Sutras.


In the last ten years, we went twice the year to India, to study the Yoga-science, which has its origin here.


We learned the way of the Yoga of Patanjali from different famous yogis:

Swami Vivekananda

Paramahansa Yogananda

Swami Ramatirtha

Swami Shivananda

Swami Rama


At present we get guidance from

Sri Mahesh Chandra Dwivedi in Kanpur / India

Yoga-teacher at the technical university Kanpur.


We are teaching from the books, writings and lectures of the above named yogis.

Men, women and children of all religions can follow this way in their daily life in order to attain holistic health.


Dr. med. Theo Pietrzik,          Hamburg

Angela Pietrzik,                       Hamburg

Thorsten Lange,                      Hamburg

Elvira Rühle,                             Lubmin, Greifswald, Wolgast  

Wera Randel,                          Ahrensburg, Hamburg  

Kaja Plessing,                         Düsseldorf  

Waltraud Voelter,                     Krefeld

Astrid Hangaard-Sievertsen, Oslo/Norwegen  

Elna Birner-Romero,               Rota/Spanien