SWAMI VEDA                                       

Text to Swami Veda

16.20.2011 Kanpur / UP / India

original voice

(02:20:56 - 2:30:00) Datei 1

Maheshjis words:

My elder brother Veda Bharati has given message, to tell something upon our master. But I have not written anything to him.You can give my lecture upon Net.

This is the power of my Master: How He can see future. How he can protect someone.

I should write, who Swami Rama was.

I never say who He was. I say who He is, there is no was.

This total script, this total verdict for My Master, for His Holiness Swami Rama, my Master, is that any person can understand about His spiritual powers.

Also he can know about His saying:

That He is beyond time, space and causation.

Whatever I have spoken (about) Him is very less, I can say, this is a drop.

He is the ocean.

His idiot disciple cannot observe His spirituality. This is throw flowers I am putting upon His holy feet.

Because my elder brother, most respected, Swami Veda Bharati desired and ordered to me to give my experiences about my master.

My Master excuse me if any mistake done by your idiot disciple.